Asil Toksal

Season3, Episodes 14 & 15

Interview with Asil Toksal

Toward the beginning of the pandemic and in the middle of some of the worst fires to ravage California, Reuben and Steve headed North through the smoke-filled State to visit with Asil Toksal, the Austrian-born channel who, along with his team, were working with sacred sites and energized areas of the planet we’ve come to know as lay-lines. Asil Toksal is a channel and healer and his work includes group energy healing sessions, and the channeling of celestial and angelic guides. He also works on the energetic alignment of sacred sites and earth energies. The goal of both aspects of this work is to assist in the evolution of consciousness in humanity. He has traveled widely to do this work, throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. In the interview episode Reuben learns about Asil’s journey to become a channel, his channeling process, and the energies he is bringing through. The conversation leads toward a mission that was bestowed to Asil, and some of the challenges and miracles that have come with his work.

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Interview with The Elohim & Emmanuel

In the channeled episode Asil brings through The Elohim & Emmanuel. Reuben directs his questions toward understanding the space these beings reside in, what their purpose is for communicating with the people of Earth, and any advice they have for humanity at this time of great change.

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March 1, 2022



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Join Reuben as he Interviews Extra-Dimensionals and gains other-worldly perspective on who we are, why we’re here, and just where we might be going.

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