Gabe Saloman

Season 2, Episode 17

Interview with Gabe Saloman

Reuben sits down with Gabe Saloman to learn more about his service as a Contact Specialist and Galactic Ambassador. Gabe is a Contactee and content creator and his content creations are heavily influenced by his ET experiences. He aims to provide insight & inspiration for those seeking to rediscover their true spiritual nature and is on Earth to assist in the spiritual awakening of consciousness. Gabe has many avenues through which he expresses his creativity. Some of these avenues include composing and producing music, creating digital art, 3d animation & film, web design & facilitating transformational workshops & events. One of his gifts is his ability to clearly convey the versatility of existence, which is why his life path has many creative outlets. Gabe enjoys sharing his gifts, and by doing so hopes it will serve others in unleashing their gifts and highest creative potentials.

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May 12, 2020


Vimeo, GaiaTV

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Join Reuben as he Interviews Extra-Dimensionals and gains other-worldly perspective on who we are, why we’re here, and just where we might be going.

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