Lowell Johnson

Season 3, Episode 20

Lowell Johnson

In August of 2020, while in Mt. Shasta for interviews, Reuben learned of Lowell Johnson; a hiker and meditator who claimed to have been invited to physically go into Telos, the legendary Lemurian City, which is said to exist inside the mountain. Unfortunately, schedules didn't match up and by the time Reuben got in touch with Lowell he had already left the area. It was almost a year later when Reuben would return to Mt. Shasta and have the opportunity to meet up with Lowell and have him recount his amazing journey.

Lowell spent the majority of his professional career as a Hospitality Executive. But all of his life had sensed a yearning to know more about spirituality. His wake up call came in the form of a TIA (mini stroke) in late 2015, and led him down many multidimensional rabbit holes seeking truth.

One day when seeking solace in the forests of Mount Shasta, he experienced an invitation into the mountain which triggered an awakening. It is one thing to think of communicating with Extraterrestrials (a seemingly trending topic in the world right now), but his Contact wasn’t with beings from other places in the Universe... It was with beings that have been here on Earth long before our current memories would suggest.

Enjoy Lowell's amazing testimony of his Journey to Telos.

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July 1, 2022


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Join Reuben as he Interviews Extra-Dimensionals and gains other-worldly perspective on who we are, why we’re here, and just where we might be going.

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