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A community of like-minded Souls moving through their unique awakening and evolution in consciousness.

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Everyday, I get such great feedback from people all over the world on how the show has impacted their lives and confirmed ideas, concepts, and personal encounters with Extra Dimensionals.


My intention in creating this Community is to provide an interactive space where I can show up LIVE and provide support, teachings, and guidance, during this powerful shift in our consciousness.

What's Included

Weekly Live Q&A sessions with your favorite Channelers from past episodes and as well as newcomers
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I've watched every single episode of Interviews with E.D. and would often find myself thinking how amazing it would be to be able to be there for one of these interviews and/or events that Rueben attended. Little did I know that there was a membership group to offer exactly those type of experiences remotely. I found my way to the portal through divinely orchestrated events and I couldn't be happier for the experience. A group of intelligent, compassionate, empathetic people coming together where you can share the wildest thoughts/experiences with others without fear of judgement, amazing conversations, exceptional guests, and discussions on the boards has given me so much to learn, understand, and research. I encourage anyone wanting to have a supportive place to engage with others where topics are as diverse as the individuals, to join the membership portal.



Watching Interviews with Extra Dimensionals was the perfect introduction for me to learn about channeling and the different ET´s. The interviews are profound and also provide practical insights to living our best lives. I was whole-heartedly welcomed into the members´ portal, which is full of diverse and heart-centered people. The weekly guest speaker always leaves me with something to think about, and I love being able to ask questions. It’s more than a platform for learning, it’s a supportive community.



Short and sweet, joining Reuben's online membership is a tremendous bang for your buck! He goes above and beyond to bring value to it. I'm talking: A community you can be open with safely. Free flow, conversations with Reuben and others in the membership as well as with channelers and E.D.'s. You chose your comfort level of interaction with no worries. New Interviews and Channeling weekly. Like the show but you're there in real time, interacting! Access to a plethora of past content. All kinds of cool conversations that you just don't get to have with most of your day to day people. That's just Some of the cool stuff. Bottom line. Sign up, way worth the price of admission! See you in the portal!




What you'll get:

  • 4X a month Live Q&A, Channeling Sessions with your favorite Channelers from past episodes and as well as newcomers.
  • Bonus Guided Meditations and Breathwork Sessions
  • Monthly Dream Council Sessions
  • Weekly updates on how to navigate the Matrix during these crazy times
  • A private forum where you can get support and connect to the community.
  • Access to all archived events, classes, Bonus content and other resources.
  • 50% off Access to season 1 and 2 episodes on Vimeo.
  • 3 Day FREE Trial
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What you'll get:

  • Over 15% off the Monthly cost
  • Everything in the Monthly Membership
  • Plus a free Interview with E.D. T-shirt
  • 3 Day FREE Trial 
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Plans for the Future


As we move through these times of great change it is my goal to help usher in the New Earth with grace and ease. Not just providing more rich media content but also produce live events where we connect our hearts, minds, and spirit. Discounts and special access to these events will be made through this membership and exclusive content will grow as the community grows. I can't wait to connect with you!


Namaste, Reuben