Wieteke Koolhof & Arjun

Season #1 Episode #10

Picking up from where they left off from their 2017 interview Reuben reconnects with Wieteke & Arjun, a Yahyel Hybrid, a 5th-dimensional contact expert working alongside Pleiades, Shakani, Sirius, Mantid beings, and more. Through Weiteke, Arjun bestows love, inspiration, and insights to those seeking heart-centered transformation and expanded consciousness. Embrace this opportunity for growth and empowerment.


Wieteke Koolhof is an artist, life-coach, and energy worker from the Netherlands. She has had encounters with Extra Terrestrial beings since the age of 3. These multidimensional experiences have shaped her into a remarkable translator of Interstellar information, both through her captivating art and her expressive voice. She helps other find "Self" during this magical time of ascension..


This Episode was recorded on August 21st, 2022


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