Phoenix Rising & Empowering A New Story

Season #1 Episode #7

Phoenix is a shamanic practitioner, mentor and soul-guide who, in 2008, due to a number of circumstances, was led toward spiritual awakening. Determined to make sense of insurmountable events in her life, she had already immersed herself in esoteric mystery school studies with shamans, masters, and mentors for years that provided a solid foundation to which would eventually reveal that the experiences of her life were a purposefully designed soul-agreement that formed her into the leader she is today.

A large part of Phoenix’s work is empowering a new story here on Earth, “the greatest story never told.” This is the story we are all collectively writing now as we get to witness Mother Earth moving toward her next phase of evolution. And one can see clearly now that part of that story is re-connecting to our cosmic family in ways we cannot even imagine yet.

This was originally Recorded on July 31st, 2022 

Check out Phoenix's Linktree which has links to her social media and websites.

The Device Phoenix mentioned she was working with is AO SCAN

Please contact Phoenix directly if you are interested is purchasing one or receiving treatment: [email protected]

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