AKURA & Shifting Timelines

Season #1 Episode #6

You may have already seen her, if you have then you would remember the the deep piercing gaze from her eyes. AKURA quickly rose to popularity these past few years as she took the interwebs by storm with her positive galactic messages and captivating voice and light language opera.

Sandra, aka AKURA, is a German psychic medium, starseed and spiritual teacher with an incredible story that dates back to her childhood. She was born with a special connection to the stars; feeling strangely drawn to them and unable to suppress memories of other planets. This calling led Sandra on a difficult journey of self-discovery; she was raised in a strict Catholic household and harbored an intense fear of being judged for her spiritual abilities. Rather than shrink away from this power, she embraced it, eventually finding answers through astral projection, channeling information from the source, and creating art. As someone with premonitions of the future who loves passing on spiritual codes through song and light language, Sandra is a true beacon of hope - loving, caring, and spreading her gifts with the world.

This session was Originally recorded July 16th, 2023

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