#5 Jacquelin Smith & Mantis Encounters

Season #1

Jacquelin Smith is an inspiring and multitalented individual, possessing a B.A. as well as certifications in Hypnotherapy and Psychic Healing. Throughout her life, Jacquelin has had numerous extraordinary experiences, including telepathic communications with star beings, light beings, angels and inter-dimensional beings, as well as travels through her consciousness to other star systems and universes. These gifts have been enhanced by the injection of a unique DNA cocktail mix by her star family that includes the DNA of seven different races.

Jacquelin's joyful spirit and curiosity have led her to write three books about Animal Communication and Star Being while also being interviewed for "Meet the Hybrids". Her passion for learning has resulted in various healings services such as meditation classes, psychic readings, guided healing journeys and individual energy healings. Jacquelin is truly a special person dedicated to helping others learn about themselves on a deeper level!

This session was Originally recorded July 24th, 2022

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