Roxanne Swainhart & Ocyphius/Sly

Season #1 Episode #3

Reuben reconnects with channeler Roxanne Swainhart. Roxanne's transformative journey began when she sensed a feminine energy within her previously male body. Embracing this self-love concept proved to be one of her greatest challenges. Determined to align her identity with her true self, Roxanne transitioned to a female identity, and her new name was born. Introduced to channeling through Abraham, Bashar, Kryon, and others, Roxanne immersed herself in books and videos on the subject. During a toning meditation, she felt a strong urge to speak, allowing an unknown language to flow effortlessly from her. It felt like second nature to her, bringing pure bliss. Supported by her friends, she started channeling publicly just a month later, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey.

This session was Originally recorded July 17th, 2022

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