#12 Bridget Nielsen & ET Integration

Season #1

It's hard to believe that it has been almost 10 years since Reuben and Bridget Nielsen first met and did an interview for Reuben's show, "Interview with E.D. (Extra-Dimensionals)". Since then, both Reuben and Bridget have evolved on their paths of self-discovery and their understanding of the phenomenon known as ET contact and the Hybrid Children. In this reunion, they share their newfound perspectives, and Bridget takes questions from the audience.

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Bridget helps Reuben connect to his Hybrid Child

Bridget is an intuitive healer and personal development mentor, who specializes in uniting our metaphysical reality with our modern world.. She has evolved as an international speaker and published author, promoting messages that have awakened a devoted following. She is also a professional artist and plant-based chef, sharing her personal wisdom with those drawn to her energy. Through her online courses and private sessions, she reawakens the inner starseed to their mission and life purpose. She also acts as a bridge for connecting with hybrid children as well as stimulating contact experiences. She is a world renowned facilitator and has hosted many retreats in sacred sites, including Hawaii, Mt. Shasta, Sedona, Tulum, Glastonbury, Ireland, and more. She is passionate about bringing like-hearted people together to experience a natural, high vibrational setting, described by past participants as life changing. She has inspired the lives of many, with over 200 videos and 2.7 million views to enlighten your spiritual awakening, extraterrestrial engagement, and living a healthy life that fulfills your soul.

This interview was original conducted on 9-25-23

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