#16 Indigo Angel & Sewing the Starseeds of New Earth

Season #1

Amanda Jane DeMarco, otherwise known as IndigoAngel, is a mid-way portal receiver/transmitter who connects with quantum mathematical frequencies of Krystallah Orders. Having gone through rigorous ascension cycles and light intelligences, she is a Gamma Indigo Child of the Indigo Grail Lines, embodying a higher aspect of her soul as an Angel Incarnate on Earth. With the intent to awaken and assist individuals around her, Amanda founded IndigoAngel and is currently working to implement non-profit initiatives for the homeless and abused, write a book on celestial origins based on the Moon, create courses and provide one-on-one teachings for people interested in celestial consciousness, amongst other things. She practices talking in front of audiences to promote celestial awakening with enthusiasm and vibrance.

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This interview was originally recorded on October 17th, 2022

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