#25 Ronald Holt & Quantum Navigation

Season #1

Ron has a diverse background in the US Navy, martial arts, meditation, and archaeology. He connects with indigenous cultures and spirituality through his work in Polynesia and the Southwest. Ron is also an instructor in Taoist and Hatha yoga, and is known for his work as the Director of Flower of Life Research, teaching sacred geometry and consciousness. He holds a gentle and sincere space in his trainings, influenced by his wife Lyssa Royal Holt's cosmic connections. Ron's dedication to spirituality and wisdom make him a genuine and reliable facilitator.

Quantum Navigation is a spiritual approach where our higher consciousness, the Big Self, guides us through life using metaphors, synchronicity, and emotions. This Big Self exists beyond time and space and communicates with us on a quantum level. Embracing Quantum Navigation can lead to personal growth and awakening.

This Session was originally recorded on December 26th, 2022

Ron's Website: https://www.quantumnavigation.net/

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