#26 Lyssa Royal Holt & Making Contact

Season #1

For over three decades, Lyssa has taught channeling and contact protocols as a means of personal and spiritual growth. She communicates through either trance channeling or a consciously-connected state, honing this skill since 1985. As co-director of Seed of Life Institute and the SOLi School, Lyssa assists individuals in understanding consciousness and applying it in daily life. She teaches in Japan and the U.S., and is renowned for her channeled books.

In this episode, Reuben and Lyssa delve into her long-standing interest in contact work, also known as CE-5, a term coined by Dr. Steven Greer. Lyssa worked with Dr. Greer during the early development of his protocols in the 1990s.

Later, Lyssa channels Sasha, a 4th Density Pleiadian being, who previously appeared in Season 1 episodes. Sasha shares her perspectives on our progress with contact work and what the future holds.

This session was originally recorded on January 2nd, 2023

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