#30 Ryan Ng & Asthar

Season #1

Ryan embarked on a transformative journey into the realms of Spirituality and Reiki when he sought change in his work and personal life. The catalyst for this exploration was his sister, who had successfully utilized Reiki to navigate through life's challenges.  

After just two profound Reiki sessions, Ryan experienced a mind-expanding revelation that solidified his belief in the energetic body and chakras. Driven by this newfound understanding, he pursued the path of becoming a Reiki Master.  

Upon completing his training, Ryan sought to deepen his practice even further. He immersed himself in meditation within the darkness, free from distractions, to truly connect with his inner self. This is where he first encountered the art of channeling, which would become an integral part of his spiritual growth.  

This session was recorded January 22nd, 2023  

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