#33 - Pamela Aaralyn - Part 2 (Channeling Future Humans)

Season #1

In this 2nd interview Pamela goes into the channeling state and brings through Hannah a scientist from the future.

Pamela Aaralyn is a globally acclaimed trance channel, mystic, spiritual mentor, sound healer, musician, and author. She is presently pursuing her PhD in applied consciousness and practical mysticism.

Since the age of five, Pamela has been channeling and collaborating with angels, ascended masters, and adepts. Drawing from her extensive experience and devotion, she shares valuable insights to help individuals from all walks of life, including busy working parents, to establish a consistent spiritual practice.

Pamela emphasizes that the key to a successful spiritual journey lies in the quality of one's devotion, rather than the amount of time or experience one possesses. She believes that everyone, regardless of their background or available time, can experience the transformative power of spiritual practice.

As she puts it, "Grace is a gift that we already are."

This session was recorded on February 29th, 2023

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