Interview with E.D. (Extra Dimensionals)

Interview with E.D. (Extra Dimensionals)

Hosted by: Reuben Langdon

Ever wonder if intelligent life existed elsewhere in the Universe? In this Podcast Reuben Langdon interacts with people who communicate with beings and energies from other realms. These transmissions are not just...


#5 Jacquelin Smith & Mantis Encounters

Season #1

Jacquelin Smith is an inspiring and multitalented individual, possessing a B.A. as well as certifications in Hypnotherapy and Psychic Healing. Throughout her life, Jacquelin has had numerous extraordinary experiences,...
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Asara Adams & The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light

Season #1 Episode #4

In this Interview Reuben Reconnects with Asara and she brings though The Pleiadian-Sirian-Arcturian Council of Light to answer questions about Telos and other civilizations that use it as a hub or a space port so to...
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Roxanne Swainhart & Ocyphius/Sly

Season #1 Episode #3

Reuben reconnects with channeler Roxanne Swainhart. Roxanne's transformative journey began when she sensed a feminine energy within her previously male body. Embracing this self-love concept proved to be one of her...
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Sara Landon & The Council

Season #1 Episode #2

Sara Landon has been called a leader of leaders for the next generation of transformation. She is globally celebrated in the field of human potential and spiritual living. Her passion is helping people to discover...
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Rob Gauthier & TReb Bor yit-NE, a benevolent reptilian hybrid

Season #1 Episode #1

Rob Gauthier aka The E.T. Whisperer is a Channeler, Radio Host, and Teacher. He is internationally known for his channelings of Treb Bor yit-NE, a benevolent reptilian from the Capella star system and Aridif, an...
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